what we offer

Where traditional advertising is directed at consumers, Photostar aims to inspire voluntary involvement by recognizing a demand for instant, high-quality self-portraits.

Users walk away with unique, professional-quality studio shots, and clients benefit from an entertainment source that draws in traffic, incites social media sharing, provides valuable data, and ultimately delivers more effective consumer-to-brand memory. 

Whether it be a one night event or a year-long tour, we work with any client looking to entice its guests with unique visual mementos. Promotions, launches, festivals, corporate functions – regardless of event type or size, users and brands will undergo an authentic social experience with one another. 


the studio

Our Studio is the nucleus of Photostar. It is comprised of high-grade components imported from around the world and equipped with proprietary software capable of bringing a vast array of photographic projects to life. We have compressed the critical elements of the traditional room-sized photo studio into an automated, interactive, easy-to-use device, customizable for any brand, without sacrificing quality. Lights, screens, cameras, and lenses ensure high-end photos; fabrics, materials, trims, and engravings suit brand aesthetics and enhance properties. Edge the competition through our innovative channel.

Our Philosophy

MISSION & Values

Photostar's mission is to make high-quality professional photography easier and more accessible than ever before, through automated self-portraiture.

Our values are centred to the inspiration of authentic, all-inclusive, and interactive experiences through technological innovation. We don’t direct messages at users, but enable them to make genuine connections with the world while concurrently promoting brands that provided them with that experience.

Both users and brands benefit from this interaction. Whereas traditional advertising includes one-way messaging, Photostar broadcasts more effectively. Through online sharing, photo viewers instinctively trust brands more when visually affiliated with their own friends.

This is technology that invites users of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders to express themselves. With every photo shared by genuine ambassadors, both brands and individuals promote authenticity.

a reinvention of Photography

By its very nature, photography captures and transports time and space – but it is only through sharing photos that this magic reaches its full potential. Since its inception, it has remained the most accessible and shared medium in history. Today's digital society perpetually desires unconventional, instantly-gratifying 'do-it-yourself' ways of simplifying media processes without sacrificing quality.

Our Studio replaces the photographer and grants those powers to the subject, who can see themselves throughout the entirety of the shoot. This results in a comfortable and controlled self-produced portrait of an engaged subject who looks and feels confident – and will want to return for more.


Photostar’s Studios were originally designed to bolster the promotional impact of events by leveraging the social media networks of guests and influencers to promote hosts’ brands, campaigns, product launches, and venues, all in real time.

From servicing thousands of private and corporate events, to facilitating over a million photoshoots, we've observed and studied the powerful influence of high-quality images on consumer behaviour: customers are immediately tempted to share their photos and, hence, auto-advertise. This is why our Studios are carefully designed with an emphasis on high-grade components and photo quality.

Photostar has since expanded its services beyond the event realm and into marketing activations, functioning as a key component of experiential marketing campaigns run by advertising agencies and public relations firms for their respective clients.