Provide an entertaining and memorable experience that draws in members of any demographic.  Collect data, direct traffic, and let your guests do your social media advertising.

Our Studio functions as a key component of experiential marketing campaigns run by advertising agencies and public relations firms for their respective clients. 


Creative, Original Ideas


We don’t just accept creative concepts – we encourage them. Together, we can bring visions to life and provide guests with a truly
novel entertainment experience.


Following a Nike+ running event, runners were able to pose for a creative photo opportunity. Participants laid atop a graphic to form an illusory action shot, accompanied by a superimposition of their Twitter handle and real run stats.

Data Collection, E-Marketing, and Analytics


Our Studios send instant e-mails and track campaign efficiency.


During the 2016 Holiday Season, Telus set up temporary kiosks in nine malls across Ontario. Using the Studios as a key component to attract passers-by, they collected user data, sent an instant email, and granted a personalized wrapping paper, all through a unique and cheerful experience.

Brand Launches


Photostar bolsters the messaging strength of any brand launch, one of the integral phases of any release.


Jessica Alba’s launch party for her new cosmetics line, Honest Beauty, was hosted in Los Angeles with celebrity guests such as Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon. Content was later published online (via InStyle Magazine) and shared over 1200 times through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Social Media Impact


As guests post full-resolution images to their social media accounts, brand exposure is rapidly amplified on a massive scale.


In only one week, the Studio attracted 18,000 guests, as posted images elevated Eaton Centre’s Facebook page and translated into a social media reach of over 5.4 million views.

Leverage Influential Presence


Our relaxed, photographer-less experiences are alluring to even high-profile figures. With the added attraction of familiar celebrity faces, guest interactions will increase, making your initiative more effective.


At the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, fashion retailer Express collaborated with the festival to support TIFF’s Reel Comfort arts therapy program. For every photo taken, Express donated $1000 to fund mental health treatment. Celebrity participation influenced a significant number of attendees to pose, to the benefit of both Reel Comfort and Express.

In-Store Attraction


Our Studios modernize the shopping experience and special retailer events.


Topshop hosted events to promote their newly opened stores in Toronto’s busiest malls, Yorkdale Mall and the Eaton Centre.

Driving Sales Through Incentives


Upon the conclusion of a session, the guest is granted their photo within a voucher. They can be graphic designed to the client’s exact brand visual guidelines, or to the creative specifications of a seasonal advertising campaign.


HMV used this strategy to combat sluggish physical CD sales,
by enticing customers to visit their stores and to purchase the
albums of Beyonce, Celine Dion, and Miley Cyrus.