Our Studio enables everyone to be professionally photographed – without a photographer.

Our Studio brings a distinct and engaging experience to contribute to the success of any event; conferences, fundraisers, promotions, and parties.  We offer superior service and customized entertainment that enhances venues and rewards guests with branded keepsakes they almost always want to share.

World-Class Lighting


We employ world-class lights and camera setups to produce truly outstanding photos.


Branding & Customization


Craft your photos to visually affiliate visitors with your brand, providing them with tangible and positive memories.


Custom Backdrops & Sets


Draw constant crowds with strikingly unique backdrops and displays. Our collaboration with set designers allows us to generate an immersive guest experiences.


Instant Prints


Images are instantly printed on laminated gloss-finished paper, guaranteeing lifelong vivid colours.


Email and Social Media


Instant emails and guests' social media posts amplify your event’s appearance and reach to new levels.


Engaging Attendants


Our booths are always operated by trained, engaging attendants to ensure your guests walk away with an unforgettable service experience.


Get in Touch

Call us at (416) 305-8004, or fill the form below.  We respond within 1 business day.

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