Starline – Own Your Own Studio


The Studios produce very high-quality content and promote your business at the same time. Attract traffic, boost social media exposure, collect data, and directly generate revenue. 

Custom-made for all types of properties: retail stores, fashion houses, beauty boutiques, barber shops, clubs, homes, and tourism destinations.


The Starline Studios are software-automated, compact, and built with pro-grade photography equipment, so you can take stunning portraits – just by touching "start."

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Boost Engagement and Entertainment Value

Offer an attractive, entertaining high-quality photo experience your guests can’t find anywhere else.

Share-Ready Photos, Sent Straight To Your Phone

Branded content ensures an amplified online reach.

Directly Generate Revenue

The integrated POS system, which accepts all major cards, allows your guests to pay and pose in no time.

Collect Data and E-Market

Add to your newsletter list or database for future outreach. Capable of sending instant custom HTML emails.

Drive Traffic

Offer instant vouchers and incentives to encourage purchases. Customized graphics and messaging, both in digital and print, to align with your current promotions. Changeable daily.

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Mobile & Minimal

Transportable for use at all off-site events. Disassembly takes less than 3 minutes. Can be built to stand on a tripod, tabletop kiosk, or mounted to a wall. Requires just 1 power outlet.

Crafted & Customized

Select From a variety of materials such as walnut wood, aluminum, and gold.  Wrap or engrave with your branding.


PURCHASE.  Depending on components and customization, Studios range from $695 to $24,000.

LEASE.  Lease for 12 or 18-months, with an option to purchase at the end of the lease. 

NO COST.  There is no charge to lease a Studio with a POS system, given your location and traffic qualifies. 


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Inspiration & Philosophy

Photostar aims to drastically modernize the traditional “photo booth,” while promoting the brands that provide their guests with the experience. Our mission is to make professional-standard portraits easier, more accessible, and more engaging than ever before – without waiting for a photographer.