Photostar manufactures and operates professional photos studios.
You can own your own studio, or rent one for your event.



Photostar studios are fully automated, digital, mobile, and shoot, print and email world class quality photographs, all in real time.

There is no photographer: Instead, the model becomes the photographer, and takes his/her own picture, using the same equipment as used to shoot the covers of Vogue, Vanity Fair.

To buy a studio, or to hire Photostar to roll out events and marketing activations worldwide, simply call 416.305.8004 or


Why Use Photostar

The studios produce extremely high quality content, entertainment, traffic, income, social media coverage, and amaze everyone, everywhere, every time.

Photostar is the studio of choice for Hollywood and for celebrities worldwide. The company also works with many of the world’s best photographers.


Social Media Integration & Sharing

Full integration with social media means that branded photos can be shared online in real time, via email, facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media platforms.

Photostar leverages the social networks of your guests, to promote your event and your brand in real time and on a massive scale.


Who Uses Photostar

Photostar has become indispensable to hundreds of clients worldwide, including Hollywood studios and celebrities, Families, Fortune 500 Companies, Banks, Leaders, influencers, Photographers, Media, Popular Destinations, Retailers, Event Venues, Parties, Hotels, Clubs, Agencies, PR Firms, Ad Agencies, Wineries…



Photostar offers the following services:

•Professional photo studios for your events and marketing activations. The studios can be delivered unattended or attended by a Photostar team.

•Permanent studios: You can now own your own professional studio, for your home, office, store, venue, restaurant, bar, club, tourist attraction, ski hill, park, and more.

•Roaming and automated roaming photography services, using the world’s best photographers.

•In-studio portrait photography. Come by our Central studio to be professionally photographed.

•Software development and design: Many of our clients require software, apps, or client interfaces. Photostar’s software development division can build out simple to highly complex software platforms.


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The Team

The Photostar business team is a passionate group of photographers, studio managers, software developers, and technology entrepreneurs, who set up professional photo studios around the world.

At the factory, the Photostar manufacturing team designs and builds the studios out of solid aluminum, optical glass, using the finest photo equipment in the world.

Photostar is owned and operated by Joseph Wilson, a Toronto based entrepreneur.

In 2016, Joseph partnered with Alexandra Bennett, a successful investor, photographer and business woman.

Photostar also partnered with Chris Nicholls, one of the world’s best fashion photographers. Chris sets the lighting and settings for the Photostar Elite Pro studios, the same way he does to photograph the world’s top models for the covers of Vogue. You can request the Chris Nicholls Signature for event studios, and for permanent studios.



To book Photostar for an event or marketing activation, simply call 416.305.8004 or email


Permanent Studios

Over the past 2 years, many Photostar event clients requested permanent studios, for installation in their stores, venues, businesses, homes, schools, ski hills, clubs, hotels, shopping centers, banks...

Photostar worked closely with these clients, and developed professional studios that are fully automated, income generating, compact, brand-able, modular, easy to operate, and connectable to email, to social media, to printers, to point of sale payment systems, and to the best photography lights and cameras in the world.

They generate increased store traffic and revenues, publicity, clients, new client data, exposure, social media, and profit for our clients.

Event and permanent studios are easy to install, and can be set up on counters, tables, shelves, tripods, or they can be fixed to walls. They take up very little space, and enhance any environment.

The studios are usually ready for delivery and installation on one day’s notice.



Contact & Location

Photostar is based in Toronto and New York City, but rolls out its events and studios worldwide.

For information, you can call 416.305.8004, email or fill out the contact form below.

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